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Understanding Insulin Resistance and How to Reverse It

Lusy Amy



Understanding Insulin Resistance and How to Reverse It

It is time that you assess your health before it is too late for you. You have to know that diabetes is one of the leading causes of death around the world. Its prevalence is increasing and the causes are complex. The good news is that diabetes and its complications can be prevented.

You should also know about insulin resistance to decrease your risk of developing diabetes. Insulin resistance is subtle that you could be insulin resistant for many years without you knowing it. Also, the condition doesn’t have noticeable symptoms. With this, it is time that you become aware of it. Here are things that you need to know about insulin resistance and how to reverse it:

What does insulin do?
Keep in mind that insulin is a hormone, which is produced in the pancreas. Its main function is to help regulate your blood sugar. When you eat foods containing any sugar, it is broken down into glucose. Foods containing sugar not only include sweet foods but also carbohydrates.

Examples of food that will be broken down into glucose include desserts (like ice cream, cake, cookies, pies, dried fruit, candies), sweet drinks (like creamers, soda, juices and sports drink), simple carbs (like bread, cereals, pasta, and crackers), complex carbs (like wheat, oats, rice, squashes, cassava and turnips) and fiber-rich (like fruits, vegetables, legumes, peas and beans).

how to reverse insulin

What is insulin resistance?
As soon as these foods are broken down into glucose, it is escorted by insulin to the muscle cells and livers where it is stored for later use as a form of energy. However, if you overly consume these foods, you put yourself in a state of insulin resistance. Now, insulin resistance is not considered a disease.

When you eat sugar frequently, the body will become desensitised. As you continually seek to fulfill your cravings, the demand will increase. The body will eventually reach its limit and at this point, the insulin will resist from working normally.

How insulin resistance can lead to diabetes?
Type 2 diabetes mellitus is a type of diabetes. You have to remember that insulin resistance precedes the development of type 2 diabetes. Basically, when the blood sugar rises abnormally, type 2 diabetes is present.

What are the signs that your blood sugar is not balanced?
It will start with sugar cravings followed by hunger pangs and moodiness. Another sign is anxiety. You will be surprised that a waist larger than 35 inches for women and 40 inches for men is a sign of imbalanced blood sugar.

How to reverse it?
If you are concerned about how to reverse insulin, there are strategies that you can implement right away. The trick here is to change your lifestyle. The first thing to do is to eat more fat and slow-burning carbohydrates. As much as you can, prevent eating processed foods and sugar. Instead, opt for healthy fats like egg yolks, salmon, avocados, and butter. In terms of slow-burning carbs, opt for sweet potatoes, squash, pumpkin, and yams.

The next thing that you should do is to get moving. It is important that you exercise regularly to control your weight. On top of that, exercise is great for stabilising blood sugar since they improve insulin sensitivity. Whether it is intense exercise or low impact movements, the important thing here is you are moving.

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