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Early Symptoms of Bone Loss

Lusy Amy



Are you unsure, whether you have weak bones or not? It is very important that you get early treatment for your bones. You cannot see any type of bone problems with your eyes so you have to get the help of doctors. You can get scans which can provide you information about the strength of your bones. They can perform various tests and provide you witha result which can help in the proper treatment of these problems.

If you want to when you should go to a doctor to get these checkups then these are some of the early symptoms of weak bones. If you start seeing any of these symptoms in your body then it is a sign that you have to take the help of doctors.

Weaker gums – When you get old your teeth will start falling then it is a prominent sign of weak bones. You should always be aware of these things which can help you in taking all the precautions.

Less grip strength–When you get older you can feel your grips getting weaker. Grip strength is very important as it helps in preventing you from falling. If you do not get a proper grip then you can fall which could cause fractures.

Brittle fingernails –Weak bones means a low amount of calcium in your body. Other body parts like nails also need calcium which is very important. You can see your fingernails getting broken.

Bone pains–If you have weak bones then it means that you will start feeling pain in them due to their weak strength. It is very important that you get proper treatments as soon as you start feeling these pains. It is one of the early signs of bone disorder like osteogenesis imperfecta.

Decrease in physical fitness –When you start feeling a drop in your fitness level then it can be due to weak bones. You will have a harder time doing work like walking, running, or doing any other activity. If you have any of these problems then it is time you take proper measures to get them treated.

How to prevent problems like weak bones?

If you have weak bones then it can be due to hereditary disorders like osteogenesis imperfecta which can cause weaker bones. So you should go visit a bone doctor who can provide you requireda diet. It helps in providing all the required vitamins and calcium to your body.

As soon as you have any of these problems you should go visit a doctor to get a checkup. These problems can lead to major injuries and pains. You can get proper treatments and therapy which is very useful in treating all these problems. By taking all the required minerals and vitamins you can ensure you have better health.

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