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All About Eight Constitution Medicine (ECM)

Lusy Amy



Acupuncture is becoming more and more popular these days. Some might be reliant to medications, but there are others who try to seek other pain management methods without having to suffer the side effects. And when it comes to traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture is the most recommended. But before agreeing for an acupuncture session, there are a couple of things that you need to know, especially with 8 constitutional medicine.

What Is Eight Constitution Medicine

Everything that is happening to our body, our attitude, our health issues, are all dependent on the person’s make-up (constitution). Each of us is born with a different constitution and that is based on what makes up our genetics and physiology. So it just makes sense why we are treated based on each of our specific constitution.

For example, you will notice that you and your partner eat the same food every day, have the same amount of activity, and exercise together, but why is it that one of you will get sick at times while the other is healthy? That is because of your constitution. Again, each person is different. 

8 constitutional medicine

The Eight Constitutions

In the early 60s, Dr. Dowon Kwon discovered that our body is composed of eight constitutions. He also founded the 8 Constitution Medicine and complete the medical diagnoses and the treatment formula. Your constitution is diagnosed through a specialized pulse taking technique in ECM. This is how your strengths and weaknesses will be identified.

Your constitution will be the one to dictate if what food groups are good for your body to help itself heal, and what are those that you need to avoid. According to experts, you need to follow the correct food regimen based on your constitution to help increase your strength and also balance any overactiveness and remove any excess conditions that you have.

The 8 constitutions are as follows:

  • Cholecystonia
  • Colonotonia
  • Gastrotonia
  • Hepatonia
  • Pancreotonia
  • Pulmotonia
  • Renotonia
  • Vesicotonia

Eight Constitution Medicine vs Traditional Chinese Medicine

Eight Constitution Medicine (ECM) together with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has complete conformity when it comes to healing. The combination of these two has been proven to be very effective in East Asia. According to research, our body can be categorized into 8 different types. Each type would require a different diet, exercise, and treatment.

Even though Asian Medicine is still new as a healthcare option in Western countries, this is becoming one of the fastest growing alternatives these days. That is because the benefits of ECM and TCM is better understood and accepted worldwide. It is now being integrated into the healthcare system that we are used to.

Eight Constitution Medicine Acupuncture

The Eight Constitution Medicine acupuncture can help restore the smooth flow of our bodily energy. This is done by inserting a hair-like needle at the specific points in your body. The ECM session requires less time. The needles used are very potent and can quickly bring balance and self-healing while you are relaxing. The session will usually last for 15 to 20 minutes. While the energy returns to normal, your health and your overall well-being will also be restored.

Now that you know the basics about the Eight Constitution Medicine, it would be easier to understand why this is very important and why it is considered by an acupuncturist before your treatment. This would also explain the endless questions that your acupuncturist would ask you before your treatment. With this information, you would now be more confident and less anxious to call for an Eight Constitution Medicine acupuncture.

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